Detailed Summary of When the River Sleeps – Chapter I

WHEN THE RIVER SLEEPS by Easterine Kire Characters Villie – a lone hunter living in the forest Chapter I Waking Dream (Vilie’s Past and Present) The story is about Vilie, a 48 year old lone hunter who has made forest his home.  The author narrates Vilie’s past and present life.  In the past when he was 18 years old, he was in love with a bewitching girl named Mechuseno and the girl also liked him. Everyone in his village believed that both of them would get married.  But a mysterious fever killed her. She got fever when she went to forest to collect herbs along with two of her friends.  When she climbed down a tree after plucking a beautiful orchid, she could see a tall dark man following her but her two friends could not see anything.  On that evening, she got fever and soon she died. Vilie, after her death, got lost interest in his life and left his village to make the forest his abode.  In the present, he lives in the forest and hunters visit and stay in his hut and even a small boy named Rokolhoulie visits him along with his uncle and listens to … Continue reading Detailed Summary of When the River Sleeps – Chapter I