Word Usage

1.  cavil at/about  –  verb,

Meaning: to find fault with someone or something

Example:  Teenagers usually cavil at their parents for unsavoury food at home but at hotels they behave well.

3. galvanize /gælvənaɪz/ verb

Meaning: to get into action

Example:  The country is peaceful as the President always galvanizes to mend any faltering right.

2. hammock –  noun

Meaning: a type of simple bed made of cloth, canvass, etc., tied between poles or trees

Example:  The poor child was lying in the hammock under the tree while its parents were working in the wheat field.

3. heresy – noun

Meaning: A belief that is against the established religious opinion.

Example:  The belief that people from earth might migrate to other planets would be a doctrinal heresy.

4. mannequin /ˈmænɪkɪn/ – noun

Meaning: a human toy model used to display dress models at garment shops

Example:  Mannequins in some shops are life-like that one may take them for real people at least for a minute.

5. neat freak – noun

Meaning: A person who is obsessed with keeping things neat and in order.

Example: A neat freak is likely to be environment friendly.

6. put one’s money where one’s mouth is – verb

Meaning: to show or prove it in action rather than in words

Example: It is easy to take New Year resolutions but very difficult to put one’s money where their mouth is.

7. shoestring /ˈʃuˌstrɪŋ/ – adjective

Meaning:  small amount of money

Example:  Sluggish computer sales in this city forced many to run their business on shoestring investment.

8. ubiquitous/juːˈbɪkwɪtəs/ – adjective

Meaning: seemingly present everywhere, omnipresent

Example: Ubiquitous fog  hampers the visibility of sceneries in the hill station.

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