TOEFL Listening Part A – Practice I

TOEFL Listening Part A– Practice I

The Listening section of computer based TOEFL has two parts – A and B.  In Part A, on your computer screen, you will see two people talking to them.  Listen to the conversation meticulously as you won’t hear the conversation again.  After the conversation, a question based on the conversation will be heard and also be seen on the computer screen.  This is followed by four options, to choose the best answer.  After choosing the best option, click on the NEXT icon and click CONFIRM icon, to proceed to the next conversation and question.  Usually, the question for the conversation is based on the response of the second speaker.  The first speaker’s conversation states the context.


  1.  Father: Would you like sugar added in your tea?
    Daughter: Yes, thank you.  I like sweetened tea.
    Third voice: What does the daughter mean?
    A. She likes tea.
    B. She’s going to pour tea.
    C. She likes sugar to be added in tea
    D. She decides to take tea and then sugar
  2. Man: Jerome is a recalcitrant child.  He always keeps himself away from his parents.
    Lady: It is because his parents are busy with their work and spend less time with him.
    Third voice: According to the lady, who is responsible for Jerome’s behaviour?
    A.  Jerome’s parents are responsible
    B.  Jerome’s father alone is responsible
    C.  Jerome’s mother alone is responsible
    D.  Jerome’s grandparents are responsible
  3. Lady:  According to the audience, the movie presents a strong argument for environmental protection.
    Man:  I saw the movie yesterday and I feel it is highly political.
    Third voice:  What is the possible theme of the movie?
    A.  Land and water
    B.  Agriculture and greenery
    C.  Animal freedom and their rights
    D.  Political argument on environmental protection
  4. Wife:  You know, you are not supposed to take excess sugar.  Why did you eat ice cream?
    Husband:  Well, the doctor said I need not be on diet during special occasions.
    Third voice:  Why was the man eating ice cream?
    A.  He likes ice cream
    B.  He is not worried about his health
    C.  It was a special celebration
    D.  He need not be on diet any more.
  5. Wife:  Your coat and suit are weird.  They do not match each other.
    Husband:  Yes, I know.  It is because I don’t have an option.
    Third voice:  What makes the man’s dress look strange?
    A.  The coat and suit do not match.
    B.  His dressing does not match the occasion.
    C.  They are bright in colours.
    D.  Pant is long and coat is short.
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