TOEFL Structure Part A – Practice I

TOEFL structure Part A – Practice I

TOEFL has a section on STRUCTURE and it has two types of questions.  They are i) Complete the Sentence and ii) Identify the Error.

1. I did not see the tiger because it ______________ before I got to the spot.

a. has gone
b. left
c. had left
d. went

2. After Jim gave his Report Card to his mother, she was _________________.

a. real angry
b. very much angrily
c. mad
d. angry

3. John did not sing properly in the concert.  I understood later how sad that he     ________________.

a. could not sing
b. can’t sing
c. would not be able to sing
d. is not able to sing

4.  We were fortunate to have change as the grocer shop cashier _______________ .

a.  will cash our cheque for us
b.  would cash our cheque for us
c.  cashed our cheque for us
d.  will to cash our cheque for us

5.  Kirsti ______________ her school bus and so she is still in the school, waiting for her parents.

a. just miss
b. just she missing
c. just missed
d. almost missed

6. Are you searching for Mr. Tom?  He is the person _________________ near the cupboard.

a. who is standing
b. which is standing
c. who stands
d. who stood

7.  The books the teacher just brought into the classroom _________________ on her table.

a. are laying
b. are lying
c. lying
d. laying

8. I am leaving for home.  When John ____________________ tomorrow, please convey my regards to him.

a. came
b. is coming
c. will come
d. comes

9. All the children are gone home.  The Principal asked the parents _____________ them early     due to bad weather.

a. take
b. to taking
c. to be taking
d. to take

10. The company’s staff bus has not yet arrived and I am anxious as to when _____________.

a. it will come
b. it will be coming
c. it has come
d. it comes

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